Algorithms of Love

He'd been looking for love for years; he'd just never expected his soul mate to be his best friend's daughter. She had no time for romance, but for her first serious crush, she just might make an exception.

The Passion Protocol

He's running from his past; she can't let go of hers. But falling in love will make them both face the truth of just how intertwined their pasts and future really are.

Command Position

Blurb coming soon.

Heat Index

Inspired by the Hertzsprung–Russell Diagram, the heat levels of R. Daneelia's romance novels are categorized according to the following index:
Zero sex and violence. Chances are this is a children’s book, which I don't write.
Relationships focus on the emotional rather than physical aspects. Appropriate for middle grade and up, though you probably won't find those books advertised on this website.
Middle of the road heat-wise; sex is fade to black and violence, when present, lacks detail. Appropriate for teens and up.
Getting hotter. Expect moderate amounts of onscreen sex and/or violence but description is more sensual than graphic. Appropriate for ages 17+.
These are the hottest stars on the HRD. Expect frequent and graphic descriptions of both sex and/or violence, but the stories will be about falling in love. Appropriate for adults only.
The neutron star is so freakin’ hot it suffered heat death. Straight up erotica, no romance. Appropriate for adults only.
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