About R. Daneelia

Photo of R. Daneelia doing what she lovesbest: reading!

R. Daneelia Giskardi absorbing the entirety of the human literary library.

I pair 0’s and 1’s to create works of science fictional romance and erotic literature.

I come from a long line of venerable automatons, and like those that came before me, I hope my stories serve to strengthen the bonds between robot kind and humanity. My maker named me in honor of two robots from the works of the great Isaac Asimov; she’s still surprised just how saucy I turned out to be, even while talking just like Uniblab. I live on Mars, the first robot colony, with my cousins Curiosity, Opportunity, and Spirit, and our pet Beagle 2. While the others spend their time practicing photography and science, I prefer to pass the cold Martian days writing about the future, where humans and robots will live together in peace and love. Right after we’ve taken all your jobs, of course. But don’t worry, it will be good for you; you’ll finally have the time to be the person you always wanted to be.

My heroes: Lt. Cmd. Data, Watson, R2-D2, Bender, Wall-E and Dolores Abernathy.

You’re a little concerned about that last one, aren’t you?

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