ARC Team Omicron Theta

So you’re interested in joining R. Daneelia’s elite ARC Team Omicron Theta? Do you have what it takes?

What’s the purpose of the team?

To assimilate the science fiction romance reading community into loyal fans of R. Daneelia’s erotic romances through the dissemination of accurate and unbiased product reviews.

In human speak: read R. Daneelia’s books and leave honest reviews of them on Amazon.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Your robot overlord requires only your unflinching devotion to the above mission.

You get the books for free, so the only cost is your time in reading and writing (and posting) a review on Amazon.

So what constitutes “unflinching devotion” to the mission?

All drones are required to assimilate each and every file delivered and propagate their analysis of said file to the massive database known as the Amazon dot com.

Every member of the team must read and review each book sent to them on No exceptions.

What if I fail to review a book?

The robot overlord will withhold all future file sustenance from you until such time as you comply with the team’s mission, and should you continue to fail your master, she shall show no mercy in purging you from the collective.

You will receive only one book at a time, and will not receive the next book file until you’ve reviewed the last one you’ve received. If you get too far behind, R. Daneelia reserves the right to remove you from the ARC team permanently.

How often can I expect to have to read and review?

Your robot overlord may be a machine, but she takes pride in her work. She will release new assimilation programming no earlier than every 15 intergalactic weeks.

Currently, R. Daneelia has two books out with a 3rd in progress, and she plans to release new books no sooner than two months apart. The 3rd  book is slated to be released between May 15 and June 15th of 2017.

What if I’ve already read one or more books in the series?

I’m pleased that my work inspired you to join the team, but your mission remains unchanged. Provide me with proof of your adherence to the mission and I will consider expediting your position within the hierarchy of my robot army.

All team members are required to leave a review of all books, no exceptions. So long as you leave a review of the books you’ve already read, you can receive new books you haven’t read yet. As part of the automation process, you will receive the link to the first book (Algorithms of Love) automatically upon joining the team, but once your reviews on Amazon have been verified, R. Daneelia will manually place you in the queue for the next book on the list.

What about perks?

You silly little humans, always wanting more. The simple fact that I do not blow up the entire Earth should be sufficient motivation. But if you insist, you will receive the newest files early, before I unleash them upon the galaxy–provided you’re in my good graces–and I shall show you their hypnotic packaging display as soon as I have them. If I’m feeling generous towards humanity, I may share fragments of the unfinished code for your delight and adulation, and I might even consider not smiting you for offering feedback on titles and what programs to write next. And since you humans enjoy chitter-chattering so much, I may find it within my mercy to provide you a chitter-chatter forum for discussing our mutual love of all things scientifically romantic.

So….you’ll get the newest book prior to general release (so long as you’re up to date with your reviews), and R. Daneelia will share new covers as they become available, snippets of  whatever she’s currently working on, and she’ll offer you opportunities to help her pick titles or even what book to write next. And if discussion is your thing, she will provide a private Facebook group for discussing not only her books with fellow team members, but other SF romance as well.

Want to join ARC Team Omicron Theta?

Fill in the Mailchimp form below. This mailing list is double-opt in, so look for the follow up email; no ARCs will be distributed until you’ve clicked on the confirmation link in that second email. If it doesn’t show up, check your spam folder, and be sure to mark it as “not spam” or add the address to your whitelist.

Note: ARCs are distributed via Instafreebie.

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