Command Position


Alana Duncan dreams of someday commanding her own deep space vessel, but as a zeroth generation android in the Androidian military, that future was permanently out of reach. No matter how “android-like” she’s learned to be, her having been born a human being would always hold her back. Her only hope is to join the Intergalactic Federation’s military and take a posting on a dilapidated space station on the edge of hostile alien territory, where she will be judged on what she can do, not what she is.

But the last thing she was looking for was love, and most certainly not with a human.

Intergalactic Federation law strictly forbids sexual relations between female androids and human males, for the men’s own safety, but this fact hasn’t deterred Victor Derovich. His extensive studies into android biology landed him his dream job as the only human in the biomechanical medical department on Deep Space Robinson, but it’s also made him very popular among the station’s female androids. He’s found a multitude of ways around the most dangerous elements of having sex with them, and he’s eager to teach Alana all about them.

If only he can convince her that he’s not a lunatic looking to become an android himself….

Command Position is heat-rated Blue Super Giant for: explicit and frequent sexual scenes, and coarse language.

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